Refrigerant Handling Procedure for Electric James


This procedure outlines the responsible handling of refrigerants, particularly F-Gases, in compliance with UK regulations, to minimise environmental impact and ensure personal safety.


This applies to the owner of Electric James in all activities related to the installation, maintenance, servicing, and disposal of air conditioning and refrigeration systems using F-Gases.


As the sole trader and technician, James O’Neill is responsible for adhering to this procedure, staying informed about relevant regulations, and ensuring the safe and compliant handling of refrigerants.


Certification and Training:

Maintain up-to-date certification under an appropriate F-Gas certification scheme.

Engage in continuous learning about the latest regulations and safe handling practices.

Handling and Use:

Inspect refrigerant containers for integrity before use.

Utilise appropriate refrigerant recovery machines and tools.

Prevent the release of refrigerants into the atmosphere during installation, maintenance, or servicing.

Perform regular tightness checks to prevent leaks.

Leak Detection and Repair:

Routinely inspect systems for leaks using approved methods.

Promptly repair any detected leaks.

Keep a log of all inspections, leak detections, and repairs.

Record Keeping:

Document the type, quantity, and purpose of refrigerant usage.

Maintain records of refrigerant recovery, recycling, or disposal activities.

Recovery and Recycling:

Recover refrigerants during system servicing or dismantling.

Store recovered refrigerants in labelled, sealed containers.

Ensure proper recycling or disposal through authorised services.


Never vent refrigerants to the atmosphere.

Adhere to legal requirements for refrigerant and container disposal.

Emergency Procedures:

Establish procedures for accidental release or exposure.

Keep appropriate safety equipment on hand and be trained in its use.


Regularly review and stay informed about changes in F-Gas legislation.

Adjust handling practices accordingly to remain compliant.

For any questions about this procedure, please contact James O’Neill at or 078 2544 7057.