Mary Alpert 4.3.2013 01:18

September 26, 2013
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Mary Alpert 4.3.2013 01:18

We had an outside security light fitted at the front, and James also repaired my rear security lights, There were a few teething problems with the front light (not his fault, and we were unable to test it properly until dusk) so we had to call him back a couple of times.    With the rear light, the problem was more complex than it at first seemed, and he had to come back.. He then correctly diagnosed the problem, which basically was that it had not been correctly installed in the first place, and re-wired it. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he was very willing to return until both jobs were completed satisfactorily. His prices were very reasonable and he charged nothing extra for both jobs, despite the extra time taken.

So I can recommend James as being a competent, reliable and honest electrician, and he has a very pleasant manner. He is also amazingly punctual (despite London traffic), and has excellent communication, always replying promptly to emails and ‘phone calls. I would certainly use him again.

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